Psalms 124:2 says “If it had not been the LORD who was on our side…”
I remember years ago as a boy gathering behind our duplex to play ball with about a dozen other kids.  My Dad was stationed in Ft. Stewart Ga, so as an army brat that was one of the great things I experienced.  There was always a game waiting to be played.  The big back yard we all shared would be a baseball field one weekend and a football field the next.  Growing up there from 5 years old to be a strong 9 year old, I had developed a skill to know right out of the gate that who would be the winner was generally determined when the teams were picked.  Until I got older, I was one of the ones standing there waiting to be picked.  I easily could size up the captains and make a quick decision whose team I wanted to be on.  I stood there secretly hoping a certain captain would pick me.  Most of the time, I wanted it to be my next door neighbor Jerrick.  If I was on his team, it seemed to be a sure thing, we would come out on top as winners.  If you managed to be on his side of the game, you would get the bragging rights until the next week.  His speed and skill just went unmatched.  Those were good times that gave me a love for sports to this day.
More importantly though, is the team you and I are on today as we all live out this thing we call life.  We have been chosen for such a time as this as servants of Almighty God!  The truth is, our Captain knows no defeat.  He knows no surrender!  The victory has already been won!!  In every battle we face, being on the Lord’s side assures us we will triumph.  There may be times we feel we are behind and we are not going to pull it off, we are not going to make it.  In ourselves, we can’t.  In ourselves, we won’t.  But, with the Lord on our side, we are assured victory every time.  So hold up your head.  Shake off the blues.  Rear your shoulders back.  Dig your heels in.  Get the stinking thinking out of your mind.  Put your rally cap on and remember whose team you are on!  You’re on the Lord’s side!  He picked you!  The devil may be trash talking, but know the Lord is on your side…you can’t lose!
Please read Psalms 124 in its entirety